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Bio's of our available Children.

Jacob - Child ID# 102024435

Meet Jacob! This special 13 year old young boy is playful, energetic, confident, and very direct with how he feels. He loves the way he is and if given the chance, he wouldn’t change a thing about himself. His favorite color is green and on his free time, he likes to go skateboarding and loves to read. Jacob enjoys eating Chinese food and is also a dog lover. All Jacobs wants is a mom and dad who will provide him with love, care, and support. For more information about Jacob, please submit your completed home study to

Dariel - Child ID#: 103648602

Meet Dariel! Dariel is a very handsome 16 year old boy who takes much pride in his appearance and clothes. He always likes to look and dress nice. His favorite activities are basketball and football. When he grows up he would like to be a professional football player. He would like to go to Florida State University or University of Alabama. Dariel loves going to school and Church. He struggles with reading and writing, but is receiving tutoring. His favorite subjects are Math, Science and Social Studies. He is willing to work to learn new things and benefits from repetition and over-learning to embed new information. Dariel likes to figure out how things work and that he is eager to learn and understand as much as he can. He feels that he is clear with others about what he wants and "doesn't beat around the bush." This sweet boy with a warm personality needs a devoted family who is able to provide him love, a lot of structure and that will help him with his educational needs. Help Dariel be a part of your loving family. Interested in learning more about Dariel ? Contact

Jaquari Child ID#10813729

Jaquari is an outgoing 15 year old boy with an infectious smile who enjoys playing basketball and football. He is smart and funny and would like to be on his school football team in the fall. He wants to be a lineman. He says that being a lineman means hard work and that you are putting others first. He enjoys school and shares that his favorite class is his computers class. When not playing basketball or football, he likes to spend time playing video games or surfing the internet. Interested in learning more about Jaquari? Contact

Christian Child ID#11422629

Christian is a very easygoing 14 year old boy. He’s a little timid when you first meet him, but once he is more comfortable his bright and engaging personality shine s through. . Christian is an open-minded individual who likes to explore different types of food. He enjoys being outdoors and playing sports, especially basketball. Christian hopes for a forever family who will accept him for who he is and ensure he maintains a connection with his twin sister. Interested in learning more about Christian? Contact


Shyann, 14 Mermaid-in-Training Shyann is an outgoing, fun-loving kid who’s always ready for adventure! She loves Go-Karts, skateboards, and running loose at amusement parks, but her greatest love is the water. She’s happiest when she’s swimming, and could be named an honorary mermaid. When she’s ready to chill, she enjoys reading a good book like the Percy Jackson or Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and in school she’s fascinated by her science lessons. Shyann’s a sweet, determined kid who has come such a long way, and she craves the support and encouragement of a forever family. She’ll excel in a patient, active two-parent home where she can be the sole focus and learn to truly believe in her strengths and abilities. Shyann is Placed in Central Florida but her Agency is in Tampa. For more info on Shyann contact the Heart Gallery of Tampa at 813-314-2021

Luis - Child ID#: 105543277

Luis is a fifteen year old who is wise beyond his years. Known for his polite demeanor and intelligence, Luis can hold deep discussions with both adults and peers. He may first come across as shy and reserved, but once he becomes more comfortable his great sense of humor shines through. Like other young people his age, Luis loves listening to music and playing computer games in his spare time. Luis has had a failed adoption in the past, and is eager to be placed in a home that truly is forever. Please email for more information.

Amoni - Child ID# 10256335

Amoni is a kind and caring young lady. She is self- aware, thoughtful and loves being a big sister. Amoni likes to dance and enjoys school. She has a good head on her shoulders, allowing her to avoid conflicts and make good decisions. She enjoys eating pizza and her favorite color is green. When she is ready to have fun Amoni, likes to dance and go out with friends and family. When asked how she would like to change the world, her reply was to help others. She wishes that her super power could be Invisibility. One of her hidden talents is that she is skilled at playing the flute and trumpet. Amoni is also naturally very stylish. Amoni would like her forever family be active and kind hearted. She is part of a sibling group with Elise and Hannah. Interested in learning more? Please contact for more information.

Elise - Child ID# 10256331

Elise is smart, spunky, and loves to joke around! Her outgoing personality makes her the center of attention. She is easy going and enjoys most foods and also likes animals. Elise is passionate about art, gymnastics, and band. She feels that she could use art as a way to help the world. When asked what her super power would be, she replied flying! Elise is part of a sibling group with Amoni and Hannah. Like her siblings, she would like her forever family to be active and willing to explore. For more information about Elise and her sweet siblings, please contact

Hannah - Child ID# 102535609

Hannah is a sweet, funny and a kind girl who likes to make a statement with her style and bright colors! She enjoys most foods and loves everything related to emojis. Hannah truly loves sports like her siblings and excels at gymnastics. For fun, she enjoys singing and watching movies. Her wish for the world is to help others. If she could have a super power it would be X-ray vision. Hannah is open to a loving family where she could receive attention and be able to continue her love for sports. Hannah is part of a sibling group with Amoni and Elise. Interested in learning more about Hannah and her sweet sisters? Please contact for more information.

Jaiden - CHILD ID#: 10853733

15 year old Jaiden is caring, kind and longs to be part of a forever family. He has been focused on improving his academics and learning new independent living skills such as basic cooking, laundry, and financial planning. Jaiden excels in baseball and is said to be good enough to make the big leagues one day. He has played on local and traveling teams for several years now. Like all teenagers, he enjoys playing video games and listening to music. He likes celebrating the traditional holidays and events with food! Jaiden has a young sister named Jada, so it is critical that Jaiden’s family ensures the two siblings visit with each other often. For more information about Jaiden, please contact

Troy - CHILD ID#: 106552545

Troy is an outgoing 16 year old who prefers to stay to himself. He sometimes appears shy at first, but soon warms up to people who continue to engage with him. He enjoys playing basketball and being outdoors. His academics are improving, so Troy has begun enjoying his time at school more. When not playing basketball he likes to spend time playing video games and watching animated cartoon movies in TV and Netflix. Troy’s favorite foods are Pizzas and Spanish food. He likes joking around and has established some good friendships in his current placement and gets along with his peers. When asked what kind of family he would want, Troy answers that he would be happy with any kind of family, a single mother or single father ,or both would work for him. He has also no preference if he would find a forever family in a two mothers or two fathers household. The only request he has, is to be the only child in the family, with his own room. Troy dreams of becoming a police officer in the future. With the assistance of his "Forever Family", Troy will have the opportunity to continue to progress in school, take a summer vacation and work hard to achieve his dream of becoming a successful adult. For more information about Troy, please email


Christian is a spirited, energetic 11 year-old who loves the outdoors. He is often described as happy and delightful, and clearly communicates his need and wants. Christian is a great conversationalist, and engages his peers with enthusiasm. He gets along well with both older and younger children, treating them with respect and a friendly ease. Christian has a healthy appetite, and loves pizza and pasta. Like most children his age, he likes to play with electronics, watch television, and spend time with friends. For more information about Christian, please email

Preston - CHILD ID#: 100315739

Preston is a caring and loving young boy with such a big heart. He has a sweet soul and loves helping others. His favorite colors are orange and blue as he is a true gator fan. Like most boys his age, Preston enjoys playing with his toys and loves eating pizza. He is non-verbal so he uses computer programs to communicate his wants and needs. Preston has the ability to attach to others and he needs a two-parent forever family that will dedicate their time, efforts and love to him. For more information about Preston, please submit your completed home study to

Jamie - CHILD ID#: 100545622

Jamie is a sweet, quiet 11 year old boy with a laid back personality. He is extremely bright and creative. He enjoys reading especially adventure fantasy stories such as Harry Potter, playing video games such as Minecraft, playing mind-teaser games, board games, wrestling and building blocks. He interacts well with others his own age or older. He enjoys going out on outings and enjoys the outdoors. He is reserved when you first meet him but opens up as he begins to feel comfortable and gets to know you. He is in need of a family that is able to meet his needs and provide him permanency. He will like to be part of a forever family where he can get the attention and love he deserves and continue to thrive. He would like to be the only child or have an older sibling. He will do best with a family that is active, can provide structure while still demonstrating love and acceptance and a family that is committed to his well-being. For more information about Jaime, please submit your completed home study to


Destiny is an outgoing 16 year old. She loves dance and is currently on a dance team. She is looking for a family that will be active and likes going out to eat, to movies and theme parks. Destiny would like to be a big sister. Destiny also loves animals and would like to have a dog. She’s eager to be placed in her forever home. Destiny would do best with a family who will provide her with the attention, support, structure and nurturing she deserves. Prospective parents need a good understanding of trauma informed care. For more information about Destiny, please submit your completed home study to


Jacob is a very friendly, easy to talk to 15 year old boy. Jacob would like to become a truck driver or join the Army when he is older. His favorite hobbies are playing video games, watching TV, outdoor sports and social media. He loves to eat and chicken is his favorite. He is a very talented drawer, excels in math and is very compassionate and helpful with others. For more information about Jacob, please submit your completed home study to