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Right now, hundreds of children are waiting in foster care for a “forever family.” On average we have about 14,000 children in foster care in Florida.  About 750 of these children are waiting for permanent placement are without identified families. Through no fault of their own, these kids could not be safely reunited with their birth parents. Although many are thriving in temporary homes, they yearn for a family and place to call their own.

There are many benefits to adopting through foster care in the state of Florida, including no-to-low cost adoption fees, fully paid college tuition at any state college or university in Florida, a specialized Medicaid plan for adopted children, parenting classes and pre-adoptive training.

The process to adopt a child from foster care takes 6-8 months on average.


Agency contact and orientation information

There are 20 lead agencies in the state of Florida charged with finding adoptive parents for children in foster care in need of a forever family.  Often there are as many as six to eight agencies in each community.

To find your local community-based care agency through the Department of Children and Families see these helpful links below.

map of recruiters and specialists.

Service Program Map

 or call 1-800-96-ADOPT for the agency nearest you.

Parent Support Groups

Please call 1-800-96-ADOPT to find local parent support groups.

Information on Florida's Children

There are about 14,000 children in foster care in Florida. About 750 of children waiting for permanent placement are without identified families.